Here is a list of possibilities for continuing education at the University of Freiburg for graduates and anyone else interested broadening their horizons.
  • The Central Academic Advising Office provides a career advising service for students about to graduate or recent graduates trying to decide what to do next. “Strategic career planning” and internship advising are only two examples of the career services the University of Freiburg offers to its students.
  • This section also includes a list of educational programs offered by the university for people who have already completed an initial degree and wish to deepen, extend, or freshen up their knowledge, abilities, and skills. The Master Online degree programs, which can be completed alongside a full-time job, are just one highlight of our many continuing education offerings.
  • Would you like to start your own freelance business? The Entrepreneurial Office of the University of Freiburg provides advising on all questions concerning start-ups, helps you apply for funding, and places a wide-ranging network at your disposal. In addition, the Entrepreneurial Office offers courses, workshops, coaching, and monthly get-togethers for freelancers at a local pub."
  • Once you complete a course of study at the University of Freiburg you automatically become an alumna or alumnus. The Albert-Ludwig University founded Alumni Freiburg in order to enable former students to maintain academic and personal contact with their “old” university.

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