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Design Your Eucor Student Mobility


You have two forms of mobility to choose from:

  • Free mobility means taking individual courses at partner universities (punctual mobility). You design your course of study à la carte and commute once (recommended) or several times a week to the neighboring countries. It’s also possible to spend one or more semesters (semester-long mobility) studying at one of the partner universities.
    Click on Outgoing Students to design your Eucor studies à la carte if you are a Freiburg student – even if you are here on an Erasmus exchange – or on Incoming Students if you are a student at one of Freiburg’s partner universities. You will also find information on topics like public transportation, living, and eating.
  • Integrated mobility includes courses of study that lead to a joint degree or involve periods abroad as an integral part of the program.
    List of these programs