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Theses abroad (1 – 6 months)



Target group:

This announcement is directed at degree-seeking students studying at the University of Freiburg who wish to go for 1 to 6 months on an unpaid stay abroad (except EU+), in order to research for or work on their thesis. Usually, apart from their supervisor at ALU, students have a supervisor abroad then, who can confirm the stay abroad and the work on the thesis. If this is not the case, please contact us before applying to discuss alternatives with us and to find out, whether or not you can apply for a DAAD-PROMOS scholarship.

Possible destinations:

You cannot apply for semesters abroad that can be funded by ERASMUS +, i.e. in EU countries, EWR countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), in Turkey and Macedonia, as well as, depending on the current situation, in other EU accession countries. If in doubt, please contact our EU Office. Furthermore, semesters in Switzerland cannot be funded by PROMOS, either.


The financial support and the application process are different, depending on how long the stay lasts: