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Student Health



Central Academic Advising Office

The Central Academic Advising Office (ZSB) at the Student Service Center is the first place to go for help on problems of any kind you encounter before or during your course of study, including everything from the organization of your degree program, learning difficulties, and decision making to personal crises. The office regularly offers free idea workshops on topics like self-management or stress management.

Informational Podcast (“Jung und Freudlos”)

Jung und Freudlos" (“Young and Cheerless”) is a podcast that provides information on psychiatric topics and sheds light on mental illnesses. The team from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Medical Center – University of Freiburg goes into topics of particular interest for students [de].

Online Training Courses on Promoting Health and Well-Being (StudiCare)

The online platform „StudiCare“ gives students the opportunity to participate in free, research-based online training courses on promoting health and well-being [de].

Recreational Sports Program

The Recreational Sports Program gives all students the chance to play sports together, get exercise, and keep a healthy balance between studies and physical activity [de].

Psychotherapeutic Consultation Service at the SWFR

The Psychotherapeutic Consultation Service at the SWFR (PBS) at the Studierendenwerk Freiburg (SWFR) offers competent counseling and help solving psychological problems of a personal nature and/or in connection with your studies in individual counseling sessions.

The Studierendenwerk also offers seminars that can make your daily life as a student easier in various ways (on topics like exam anxiety, time management, mediation, and many more).

Nightline Freiburg e.V. – by Students for Students

The listening and information helpline „Nightline Freiburg“ gives you the opportunity to speak anonymously about personal problems. The members of the Nightline team are students of various fields themselves [de].

inTensity – Das Online-Coaching

inTensity is an online training course on coping with stress for preclinical and clinical medical students. Medical students can find inTensity on the University of Freiburg’s internal learning platform [de].

Clinics and Departments

Various clinics and departments at the university and the medical center offer psychotherapeutic and psychiatric support.

Student Health Management/“Studi-Aktiv-Pass”

In May 2019 the university will be initiating a student health management program in cooperation with the health insurance company AOK. The program will unite all existing measures and develop new ones according to the needs of students. A new “Studi-Aktiv-Pass” is designed to motivate students to lead a healthy life in the long term. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the project manager, .