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Weitere Informations- und Serviceangebote

PDF-Icon Studying with Children in Freiburg [de]

    A guide for students with children and students who are planning on having children. Published by the representative for equal opportunity of the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg.

Family Service [de]

    Click here for information on child care services at the University of Freiburg.


Studying with a Disability [de]

    Studying alone is difficult enough. Students with individual disabilities are thus in special need of support. Under “Studying with a Disability” we show you who you can turn to for help.

Science Fair [de]

    As a way to encourage interaction between the university and the general public, the University of Freiburg holds a science fair every two years on the square in front of city hall. Individual departments and research institutions present the topics of their research and instruction to the citizens of Freiburg and the region with the help of texts, pictures, and films. In this way, even children can receive their first hands-on experience with science and research.
    As the next science fair approaches, we will add more detailed information and a link here.

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