Academic Advising

The academic advising services of the University of Freiburg are here to help you! Visit us in the student portal for more information.


  • Information and Advising by the Central Student Advising Office  (ZSB)
    The Central Student Advising Office (ZSB) provides information and advice on all questions which can arise before, at the beginning of, and during a course of study. Feel free to visit us during our office hours. No appointment is necessary for brief and individual advising. We can of course also answer brief informational questions on the telephone or per e-mail.
  • Informational Material of the Central Student Advising Office as Downloads [de]
    General informational material on topics such as information for incoming students, departmental student advisors, or Latin and Greek courses is available here for download. To find relevant material for a specific field of study, see our alphabetical overview of fields of study.
  • International Admissions and Services
    Advising for international students on degree programs and prerequisites for admission, application procedures, admissions, and matriculation.
  • Advising Service of the International Office on Study Abroad
    Advising for students on study abroad programs, including Eucor, advising and awarding of study abroad scholarships, awarding of admission to exchange programs (except Erasmus).
  • Open House
    Each year in November the University of Freiburg holds an open house. During this one day event, we invite you to take a look over our shoulders on a regular workday at the university in order to give you an idea of what to expect during your studies. In order to provide some structure for your visit, the Central Student Advising Office plans a program of advising sessions and guided tours in cooperation with the faculties during which you also have the opportunity to ask questions. A link to a page with more detailed information and a program is published here each year prior to the event. We also send the program to schools in the area.


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