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Professional Skills

The Center for Soft Skills (ZfS) is a central department of the university which organizes courses in the area of „professional skills“ (BOK).

The ZfS ihas been a central department of the Albert-Ludwig University since November 2002. It is responsible for developing and organizing modules (courses and projects) Berufsfelsdorientierte Kompetenzen - BOKin the area of „professional skills.“

Courses are offered on the following topics:


The courses are intended primarily for students in the following degree programs: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), and Law. Any remaining free spaces may be filled by students of other degree programs (e.g. Magister and teacher training) of the University of Freiburg. Bachelor and law students are required to take courses in professional skills as an obligatory part of their degree programs. As stated in § 9, paragraph 2, no. 4 of the State Law Study and Examination Regulations (JAPrO), students of law at the University of Freiburg may elect to fulfill their interdisciplinary soft skills requirement by taking a course offered by the ZfS.

The course offerings of the ZfS provide all other students the opportunity to acquire additional practical qualifications not included in their regular course of study. However, the courses may – with the exception of several language courses – not be used to fulfill requirements for degree programs other than those listed above, i.e. these students will not receive credit toward their degrees for completing the courses.

Priority is given to bachelor and law students for ZfS courses in the electronic registration system.

(Exception: Bachelor and law students only receive priority treatment for ZfS courses as long as they have not earned the required amount of ECTS credits in the area of professional skills or fulfilled their soft skills requirement. After completing these requirements, these students may only register for the courses if there are remaining free spaces.)

Prior registration is mandatory for all ZfS courses. Students who attend a course regularly (compulsory attendance!) and complete all required assignments are awarded ECTS credits and a certificate for passing the course. Non-bachelor students receive a certificate confirming that they completed the course.

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