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Additional Possibilities for Acquiring Qualifications and Educational Offers

  • Center for Soft Skills (ZfS)
    In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for possibilities to acquire practical qualifications within the context of university degree programs. The University of Freiburg has responded to this trend by integrating the area of "professional skills” (BOK) into its new bachelor programs (Bachelor of Arts, B.A.; Bachelor of Science, B.Sc.).
    Encouraged by the successful introduction of these degree programs as well as the great demand for such courses among students in traditional degree programs, the university formed the Center for Soft Skills (ZfS). The ZfS is a central service department of the University of Freiburg which coordinates courses for students of all faculties, primarily for B.A. / B.Sc. and law students. The ZfS has the dual responsibility of developing courses focusing on professional skills at the university and identifying suitable institutions outside of the university in order to offer a wide-ranging curriculum of practical courses in the areas of management, media, communication, data processing, and foreign languages.
    In addition, the ZfS supports the International Graduate Academy in organizing workshops on soft skills for doctoral candidates.
  • Language Teaching Centre (SLI)
    The Language Teaching Centre (SLI) organizes and supervises all language courses of the faculties of philology and humanities for students of all faculties. In addition, the SLI offers courses in technical terminology for students of other faculties and organizes “made to order” language courses upon request.
  • Career Center (CC)
    The Career Center of the University of Freiburg is a service department for students of the University of Freiburg. It functions as a link between the university and the private sector in the area of recruiting.
  • Academy of Continuing Education
    The Academy of Continuing Education e.V. was founded by the administrations of the Albert-Ludwig University and the Freiburg College of Education as a non-profit organization. The goal of the academy is to make the knowledge potential available at both institutions as well as recent findings from research available to external institutions, thus promoting knowledge transfer.
  • Studium Generale
    Studium Generale refers to all non-obligatory courses of the university for the general public. The program embodies the university’s mission to support general education in the spirit of the great humanistic tradition. The courses cannot be taken for credit toward an academic degree.
  • Recreational Sports Program
    The profile and attractiveness of a university town is fundamentally dependant on the services it offers its students. This includes adequate facilities and structures for sports and physical fitness. The main goal of the Recreational Sports Program (Allgemeiner Hochschulsport) is to motivate as many students as possible to engage regularly in sports.

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