Welcome Days


What are the Welcome Days?


To prepare new international students for their studies at the University of Freiburg, the International Office organizes special welcome days before the beginning of each semester. It generally takes place two weeks before the beginning of the semester. For a general overview of the welcome days click here (PDF [58KB]) and to sign up for the welcome days click here.


What can you expect to gain from the Welcome Days?


The conditions of study at the University of Freiburg will be entirely new for you. In addition, you will be studying in an environment which you are not used to. We thus recommend that you take part in the welcome days. They will give you the chance to acclimatize yourself at the University of Freiburg more quickly and make our work easier as well.

We are certain that the wealth of information provided during the welcome days will have a positive effect on the success of your studies and also help you to acclimatize yourself socially in Freiburg. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


When do the Welcome Days take place?


The welcome days in the summer semester 2014 take place from Tuesday, April 15th 2014 to Thursday, April 17th 2014.

On Friday, April 25th, all new international students are invited to the International Welcome Buffet Dinner and the party "Kick Off".


Where do the Welcome Days take place?


Lecture Hall 1010 (HS 1010), Kollegiengebäude I (KG I)


Program of the Welcome Days


The following program is planned


Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

1 p.m., HS 1010, KG I

Welcoming speech by the Rector of the University of Freiburg


Introduction to the Computing Center (Rechenzentrum)

The Computing Center provides services such as e-mail addresses and internet access to studentes and also offers workshops on various topics from data processing (PowerPoint, Word, HTML, etc.).

You can find the Computing Center’s presentation here.


Introduction to the German Health Insurance System AOK

All students in Germany are required to have health insurance coverage. In order to matriculate at a higher education institution you must thus submit a certificate of coverage from a health insurance company. The premium for student health insurance and nursing insurance is set by the Federal Ministry of Health and is binding for all statutory health insurance companies.

You can find the presentation on student health insurance here.


"Tipps and Tricks" – Life in Freiburg
from UNIKOS scholarship recipients and the International Office

Yes, Freiburg has affordable supermarkets, student bars which offer a good dinner for under 5 €, and movie theaters which have alternatives to the normal program, such as foreign-language films. In our presentation, we let you know how to find a bicycle which doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg or where you can ride to with the SemesterTicket.…and much more.

You can find the presentation here.


Guided tour of the university
from students according to university department

UNIKOS scholarship recipients and other international students lead small groups of students from their own field of study through the university and the University Library (UB). You will get an overview of the location of the various faculties and departments. In addition, you will receive valuable information on general procedures, the office hours of your professors, the departmental libraries, and more. During the subsequent tour of the University Library you will learn how to use the online check-out system.


Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

1 p.m., HS 1010, KG I

Group photograph

We look forward taking a collective group photograph with you. The common meeting point is in front of HS 1010.


Departmental Student Advising

Every academic field offers departmental student advising. This is the place to ask a competent advisor questions about your study plans, the methodology of your field, and how to prepare for examinations.


Introduction to Studies in Germany

Studying in Germany is different in several key ways from studying in other countries. We would thus like to point out some of the major differences and peculiarities of the German university system. We will also provide an introduction to the “world of terms” in use at the University of Freiburg in order to help you plan your studies. What is a “Proseminar” and what is a “Hauptseminar”? What is an “Übung”? How do I register for classes? These are just a few of the matters we will shed light on.

You can find the presentation on studying in Germany here.


Presentation of the Language Teaching Center (SLI-Sprachlehrinstitut)

The Language Teaching Center offers language courses for students of all fields. Not only can you improve your German here, you can also learn additional languages. To take a course, you must register and pay a participation fee.


Presentation Autonomous Learning Unite Language Laboratory (Sprachlabor)

The independent learning area of the language lab (in KG I) features workstations with computers at which you can practice or refresh your language skills, improve your pronunciation, and much more.



City tour

UNIKOS scholarship recipients and other international students lead you in small groups through the city center. In addition to seeing the tourist attractions, you’ll also receive practical tips (such as where supermarkets are located).

Thursday, April 17th, 2014
Erasmus Logo

10 a.m., HS 1010, KG I

Introduction for ERASMUS-Students

Welcome speech by the EU-department

Meeting with the departmental coordinators


1 p.m., HS 1010, KG I

Presentation Social Councelling of the Freiburg Office of Student Services (Studentenwerk)

The Office of Student Services is responsible for food, living, financial aid, advising, and support services at the university.
If, for example, you are looking for a room, need legal consultation, want to find a tandem partner to help you learn German, or would like to find a part-time job, you can inquire at the info post of the Office of Student Services.


Presentation of the Leisure Program of the Studentenwerk Freiburg

Each semester there's a new Studitours program. The trips take you to Europe's most beautiful cities, to the highest peaks of the Alps, or through the wild gorges of the Black Forest. Studitours is a great opportunity for students at all of Freiburg's higher education institutions to take inexpensive vacations, meet new people, and have fun.


Presentation of the International Club

The International Club enables you to meet German and international students, celebrate together, or explore the region around Freiburg. Students from around the world meet for the international evenings each Thursday during the semester.


Presentation of the "Theater Today

The Theater Today study group organizes visits to theater performances in Freiburg and the region. At weekly meetings we discuss the last performance we saw and decide which performance to see next. We also organize discussions with actors and directors as well as guided tours of theaters and visits to rehearsals.

Thursday, April 24th, 6 p.m.




6 p.m.

 International Welcome Buffet Dinner

in the Mensa Rempartstraße

Dinner Atmosphäre


9 p.m.

Kick-Off Party International

 THE Semester Opening Party

of the

International Office



Mensa Rempartstraße (Mensa Bar)

Admission free!



Registering for the Welcome Days


In order to ensure that we can organize the welcome days as effectively as possible, we ask that you use our form to register for the welcome days (PDF [58KB]). It is also possible to register online.



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