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Dear students,

During the corona pandemic, operations in the Student Service Center continue. However, we must continue to avoid direct contact. Therefore, the building is closed to the public until further notice. We are available for initial inquiries by email ( and will be happy to arrange telephone consultation appointments (Hotline + 49 (0)761 - 203 4246).

If you are interested in a stay abroad please contact us:

Further information and contact details can be found on our website.
Your Student Service Center


  • Information for Erasmus+ Incomings

    We would like to inform you about our university's current precautions and measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns.

    Information for Incoming Erasmus Students

  • Information for Erasmus+ Outgoings

    We would like to inform you about your Erasmus+ stay abroad regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns.

    Information for Outgoing Erasmus Students

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About Erasmus+

The ERASMUS+ Programme is the action scheme of the European Union to support cooperation and mobility in education, covering both an intra-European as well as an international dimension.
The Programme has an overall financial envelope of 14.8 billion EUR of the EU Budget for the period 2014-2020. The programme covers the sub-programmes Comenius (school education), Erasmus (higher education), Erasmus Mundus (international higher education), Leonardo (vocational training), Grundtvig (adult education), Youth in Action (youth) and Sport (in particular mass sports).

Swiss universities are not engaged in the ERASMUS+ programme (Mobility, Key Action I). However, as part of the Swiss-European Mobility Program, the Swiss government has provided appropriate funds to conduct an exchange of students, teachers and administration staff. This transitional scheme applies until 2020, the end of ERASMUS+ and will continue with the beginning of the new ERASMUS+ programme from 2021.

The University of Freiburg has been very successful with its involvement in the ERASMUS+ programme. Study mobility is organised by the EU Office in cooperation with a number of ERASMUS+ coordinators in the individual departments.

ERASMUS+ at the University of Freiburg

Around 50 academic subjects at the University of Freiburg are involved in the ERASMUS+ programme. The departments have concluded inter institutional agreements with more than 400 European partner universities in over 30 countries and offer students more than 1,700 spots to study abroad.

In addition to that, different departments participate in the ERASMUS+ Programme Mobility with Partner Countries beyond Europe. Further information can be found here.

All departments involved in the ERASMUS+ Programme at the University of Freiburg have appointed ERASMUS+ departmental coordinators who are responsible for the selection and care of ERASMUS+ students.

ERASMUS+ study visits and ERASMUS+ mobility grants for students are founded on inter-institutional agreements between the University of Freiburg and its ERASMUS+ partner universities. At department level, the agreements determine the number of exchange students, the length of stay and the requirements for standards of study and language.


Contact information

Please note for current reasons: At the moment we can only advise you by e-mail and telephone. Please refrain from a personal visit.
We also offer a virtual office hour on Wednesdays. You can sign up here.

Erasmus+ university coordinator (Incomings, Outgoings)

Ulrich Eckelt, Sedanstr. 6, 2. Floor, Room 02024)

Phone: +49 761/203-4269
Fax: +49 761/203-9084

Office hours:

  • Mon, Tue, Th from 9am - noon
  • Tue and Th from 2pm - 4pm

Head of EU Office

Christian Jäger, Ass. iur. (Friedrichstraße 41-43)

Phone: +49 761/203-8845
Fax: +49 761/203-97562

Erasmus+ University Coordinator International Credit Mobility

Felicitas Höfflin-Trefzer (Friedrichstraße 41-43)

Phone: +49 761/203-4202
Fax: +49 761/203-97562

ERASMUS+ Coordination (EU Databases, ERASMUS+ Internships)

Julius Wiedersich (Friedrichstraße 41-43)

Phone: +49 761/203-67565
Fax: +49 761/203-97562

EU project assistant

Bettina Leuschner (Friedrichstraße 41-43)

Phone: +49 761/203-67472
Fax: +49 761/203-97562

ERASMUS+ Coordination

Greta Matthis (Friedrichstraße 41-43)

Phone: +49 761/203-95189
Fax: +49 761/203-97562

Erasmus+ assistance
(Incomings, Outgoings; also in English, French, Spanish, Swedish)

Angelika Birowski
Svenja Blancke
Andreas Haßmann
Sahira Ködel
Marielle Raih
Chiara Schmitz
Karolin Steinfurth

(EU-Büro im SCS, Sedanstr. 6, 2. OG, Raum 02024)

Phone: + 49 761/203-4207
Fax: + 49 761/203-9084

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