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Dear students,

During the corona pandemic, operations in the Student Service Center continue. However, we must continue to avoid direct contact. Therefore, the building is closed to the public until further notice. We are available for initial inquiries by email ( and will be happy to arrange telephone consultation appointments (Hotline + 49 (0)761 - 203 4246).

If you are interested in a stay abroad please contact us:

Further information and contact details can be found on our website.
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PROMOS Application Regulations


Please note that we can only consider complete applications that are handed in before the end of the respective deadline. Moreover, you should arrange enough time to prepare your application and the required documents.

Application Regulations

Who can apply? Registered full-time students of the University of Freiburg:

  1. who possess German citizenship (after the start of the 2nd semester)
  2. who are equal to Germans according to § 8 Paragraph 1 subparagraph 2 ff., paragraph 2, 2a, and 3 BAföG (In this context, please see the text of the law at:
  3. who are non-German students seeking a degree from the University of Freiburg.

Students in categories b.) and c.) cannot apply for stays in their native countries and they generally have to complete 60 ECTS-points prior to the application.
Stays abroad should be independent from any requisite course or grade, which needs to be completed abroad and should be independently elicited and organized.
Doctoral candidates should apply directly at DAAD, not at the International Office. Students studying at ALU as exchange students, incoming free movers, as well as students graduating at another university are not eligible for this program either.

Application Deadlines

Stays lasting 10 weeks or longer:

  • For stays beginning between January 1, 2021 and February 28, 2021: November 11, 2020
  • For stays beginning between March 1, 2021 and July 31, 2021: January 19, 2021
  • For stays beginning in August, 2021 or later in 2021: June 16, 2021

If the applicant wants to apply after one of these two deadlines, in exceptional cases and after consultation, you can also apply in accordance to the regulations for stays of less than 10 weeks. Please note, however, that in this case all information applies to the 'Stays under 10 weeks' division (e.g. excluding travel grants etc.). In this case, please email first.

Stays up to 10 weeks

The application must be submitted before you go abroad and at least 3 months before the project abroad ends.

Example: For an internship in Chile from August 06, 2021 to September 16, 2021, the application must be submitted by the June 16, 2021 at the latest.


Step 1: Please carefully read the information regarding the program line (path) you want to apply for, including its general information and the FAQs on application documents. In case of any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us by email () or to come to our office hours during the lecture period!

Step 2: Please register for one of the group advisory sessions!

Step 3: Once you attended a group advisory session and cleared up all questions, please apply online. Unfortunately, the online application does not work with all browsers. In case of problems, please use another browser (Firefox works). Please enter the same data as in your printed application documents and do not leave anything empty. In case of any doubts, please contact us before submitting your online application! Please make sure to click on “send”, once you completed your online application, so that it actually reaches us, before you hand in the documents in person.

Step 4: Submission of printed application documents upon completion of the online application: Please hand in your complete printed application documents in person. For stays lasting 10 weeks or longer, you should register for a special appointment during the group advisory sessions. For stays up to 10 weeks, you can submit your application during the lecture period during our office hours. In the semester break, you can hand it in by appointment via email. Please make sure to ask for an appointment well in advance then, to make sure you can hand in your application on time, before the end of the respective deadline.

Due to the current situation we kindly ask you to send the required documents as a scan (one single PDF file) by e-mail to .
In addition to that please send a hard copy of the documents via post to: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, International Office im Service Center Studium, z.Hd. Frau Obert, Sedanstr. 6, 79098 Freiburg

Application documents

Your application will require different documents depending on the program line and length of your stay abroad. There are different checklists for each program line, where you can find a list of all required documents. So please klick on the program line you want to apply for and the select the correct check list (in the section program lines).

If required for your project you can download the letter of recommendation, the DAAD language test, the confirmation of the awarding of the thesis on the respective DAAD-form as well as the confirmation of departmental recommendation for the internship. There are no forms for the letter of motivation, CV or similar.

Please note:

  • The application documents will not be sent back to you after the selection process. Thus, please do not hand in any original documents!
  • Please register for a language test in the working language of your project, on time!
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered due to formal reasons. In justifiable cases, documents depending upon third parties (such letters of recommendation or confirmations) can be turned in some days later. Other documents must be turned in on time and cannot be accepted at a later date. It is the applicant’s responsibility to prepare all documents on time and register for tests well in advance of the deadline.
  • Please hand in the application documents in the same order as listed in the respective checklist.

Further information on the application documents can be found in the FAQs.