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Workshop: I believe in myself

Empowerment offer free of charge for international students who are subject to tuition fees.


The workshop is planned as a 3 ½ hour in-person event and will be held in English. If it is not possible to conduct the workshop in person, the workshop will be conducted online.



(More dates to follow)



Gabriela Varela Lopez

Psychopedagogue with migration experience (from Argentina)


What can you expect in this workshop?

The workshop offers space for reflection on self-confidence, includes many practical exercises and an open exchange with all participants from different countries and cultures.

Main topics are:

  • How can I recognize my own talents and strengths?
  • What new skills have I developed through my studies here in Germany?
  • How can I gain more self-confidence?
  • How can I appreciate the power of small steps and stay motivated?

How will this workshop benefit you as a student?

  • You will be stimulated to self-reflection and strengthened in your self-confidence
  • You recognize which talents and skills you already have
  • You learn to value your uniqueness as your greatest gift
  • You will be supported in your personal development as a student

What requirements should you bring with you?

  • Personal: The focus of the workshop is on joint interaction, so it is important that you are motivated and committed. You should be willing to exchange ideas with others.
  • Time: Please plan the dates firmly and participate in the complete workshop session. Please let us know in advance if you cannot attend the session for a valid reason. Prerequisite for the certificate: participation in the workshop.
  • Material: Please please bring something to write and a glass (jam jar or similar).



All university degrees, qualifications and certificates are worthless if you do not believe in yourself! So thanks, Gabriela, for this intense and empowering workshop „I believe in myself“. The most important messages were to focus on your strengths, to recognize your small steps every day and - very importantly – to remember you are a gift.