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The “Studying” section provides a cornucopia of information for beginning and advanced students alike.
  • At the beginning of each semester we post the most important information for beginning students here, including deadlines, semester dates, and documents for matriculation.
  • As a service to students we provide the opportunity to do searches on the following topics:
  • The “Student Life” section includes tips on living as a student in Freiburg. Menus for the university cafeterias, an apartment search service, advising and counseling services, and a list of student groups are just a few examples.
  • If you are thinking about studying abroad for a semester or two, you should take a look at our study abroad section. The Erasmus mobility program is just one of many study abroad programs you can find out more about at the International Office. The universities of the Upper Rhine Valley have joined to form EUCOR, a network which offers unique possibilities for cooperation in research and instruction, student and faculty exchange, joint degree programs and research projects, and the reciprocal recognition of study credits across international boundaries.
    The Language Teaching Center of the University of Freibrug (SLI) organizes and supervises all foreign language courses of the faculties of philology and humanities for students of all faculties.



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