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Changing Fields and Institutions, Study Space Exchange


  • Changing Fields
    If you wish to apply for a change of field or degree program, you can do this in person at the Student Registration Office during office hours. If you have questions on changing fields or degree programs, please inquire at the Registration Office.
  • Changing Institutions
    • Outgoings: Please apply directly to the university you wish to change to. All students who continue their studies in the same field at a different university are referred to as institution changers (“Hochschulwechsler/innen”).
    • Incomings: Please switch to the "Applicants" section of the student portal. There you will find information on the application process for institution changers (also for students in higher semesters).
  • Study Space Exchange
    If you are not a beginning student (i.e. if you already have several semesters of credit toward a degree), you can receive a study space in a field with restrictive admissions which conducts a procedure for filling spaces by switching with a student currently matriculated at the University of Freiburg. Your exchange partner must have the same educational status as you do and be in the same study semester or clinical semester, and the partner university must also have restrictive admissions in your field for students changing institutions.

    Once you have found an exchange partner, you can apply [de] at the Student Registration Office for a study space exchange. You will be informed individually as to the next steps you need to take.

Please note: The University of Freiburg cannot help you find an exchange partner.

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