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Bachelor, teaching degree and state examination



The application deadline for the summer semester 2020 has expired.

Applications for the winter semester are possible again from the 1st of July.

Exception: Applications for the degree programs Human Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy (1st semester) for applicants who have obtained their German higher education entrance qualifications ("Abitur") before 16 January.
Detailed information about this exception

Note: Applicants for undergraduate degree programs at the University of Freiburg (bachelor or state examination) must submit proof that they have taken a test to help them choose the right field of study. This is an online test that you can take from the comfort of your own home. It is not a test you can “fail.” You just need to confirm that you have taken it. To do so, just take the test online and print out the certificate of participation, which is generated automatically when you finish the test. If you didn’t include the certificate of participation with your application documents, please bring it with you when you matriculate. List of available student orientation tests [de]