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PROMOS Combination Regulations

PROMOS and other financial support, as well as paid activities


The PROMOS scholarships can be combined with Auslands-BAföG, as well as with some domestic financial aid (such as the Deutschlandstipendium). However, it cannot be combined with scholarship funds bestowed for the specific support of stays abroad. Moreover, it also depends on whether the other scholarship is coming from private or public funds and what the purpose of the scholarship is. In cases of doubt, please write an email containing information on the scholarship organization as well as the purpose, amount and length of funding to:

Applications for other scholarships for your stay abroad have to be noted in your application. It is your responsibility to inform the International Office of the success or failure of those other scholarship applications, as soon as you receive them. Should two scholarship applications be met with success, you will have to choose one.

Please also note that, in case you are awarded a PROMOS scholarship and another, combinable scholarship, you must also inform the other scholarship organization about the PROMOS funding.

Moreover, paid stays abroad cannot be funded by the PROMOS-scholarships.