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OSA: Find the Right Field of Study


Use the Freiburg Online Study-Choice Assistants (OSA) to learn more about fields of study offered in Freiburg and find out whether the field of your choice is right for you!

The OSAs include:

  • self-tests in which you can compare yourself with experts from the field (Freiburg professors and students)
  • video clips with valuable tips from Freiburg professors and students on getting started with your studies
  • information on career opportunities, including personal accounts
  • sample problems that give you an idea of the core issues dealt with in the field
  • photo galleries that invite you to discover the City of Freiburg and its university

All applicants for admission to undergraduate degree programs have been required to participate in a student orientation procedure (like the OSAs) since winter semester 2011/12 for. After completing an OSA (except for those on master’s programs), you can print out a certificate of participation to include with your application documents.

If you are interested in a field of study for which there is not yet a Freiburg OSA, please complete one of the other student orientation procedures accepted by the University of Freiburg for your application (list of accepted student orientation procedures [de]).

Your answers on the OSA will have no influence on your potential application for admission to the University of Freiburg. The OSAs are self-tests and are designed as food for thought to help you decide what field is right for you.

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