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TestAS - Improve Your Chances of Receiving a Study Space

The University of Freiburg considers TestAS in the selection procedure for applicants from non-EU countries. All international prospective students who apply for admission to an undergraduate degree program (bachelor or state examination) can improve their chances of receiving a study space at the University of Freiburg by taking TestAS.
TestAS is a standardized test for international applicants that tests important cognitive abilities for a course of study at a German university. It consists of a core test and a field-specific module. The core test is in German and includes four groups of tasks: 1. solving quantitative problems, 2. inferring relationships, 3. completing patterns, 4. continuing sequences of numbers. When you register for the test, you must choose one of four field-specific modules:

  • humanities, cultural and social sciences
  • mathematics, computer science, natural sciences
  • engineering
  • economics

Visit to find out when and how you can take TestAS.

Advantages for your application at the University of Freiburg:

  • Investing the time and effort to take TestAS will be regarded as an important criterion by the selection committee, because it speaks for your motivation to study at the University of Freiburg! A good score on the test also demonstrates that you have the necessary skills for a course of study in Germany.
  • The test familiarizes you with the requirements of a course of study in Germany and helps you to better evaluate yourself and your abilities. In addition, you receive comprehensive feedback after completing the test and are shown where you stand in comparison to other applicants.
  • TestAS is also recognized as a student orientation procedure at the University of Freiburg (for more information, see “Student Orientation Procedures” above).

Important information:

  • Taking TestAS is voluntary for prospective students of the University of Freiburg! You can also decide for yourself whether or not you wish your score to be submitted to the University of Freiburg.
  • We do not recommend that you participate in a language screening (onDaF, online placement test for German as a foreign language) if you are only applying for a study space at the University of Freiburg with TestAS.
  • The test does not take the place of other prerequisites for admission to studies at the University of Freiburg, such as language certificates or higher education entrance qualification.
  • Applicants to master’s programs, short-term studies (free movers, exchange students), and doctoral programs do not need to take TestAS.