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Changing Fields/Courses of Study or Transferring to a different university


Changing Fields/Changing Courses of Study

When changing your field or course of study (degree program), it is necessary to re-register. This impacts all students who are already enrolled at the University of Freiburg and wish to make such a change. Changing fields includes changing, for instance, your major or minor fields in your bachelor’s degree program. Changing your courses of study means you are changing, for instance, from the state teaching examination program into a bachelor’s degree program or changing from a bachelor’s degree program into a master’s degree program. Regarding changing your field or courses of study, you can receive advice under the places listed below.

When changing to an admission-restricted field or in a field with particular admission requirements, you must first provide an application for the new field of study before the regular application deadline. You can only change fields of study if you obtain admission for it first.

You can determine which courses of study have admissions restrictions or particular admission requirements by looking at this course of study list. It also tells you how you can apply for it. You can change your field of study without applying for it first, if it is restriction-free and does not have any particular requirements.
Deadlines for changing fields/courses of study

  • Changing fields to an admission-restricted field and/or a field with particular admission requirements:
    • Application before the deadline for a new field of study
    • Implementing the change of field during the enrollment deadline (see letter of admission)
  • Changing fields to a field without particular admission requirements (restriction-free): during the re-registration period (without an application)

Re-registering for a change of field/course of study
Re-registration takes place at the Registration Office. International students must re-register at the International Admissions and Services office. You can obtain a copy of the change application form during office hours. You can also obtain the application form with a list of necessary documents you must provide at the office or you can print it out here: Application form for changing fields/courses of study.
For any questions you may have about changing your field/course of study, we offer various consulting services:


Transferring to a different university/swapping places


  • Outgoings: Please apply directly to your desired university. A person who transfers is defined as someone who remains in the same field, but changes to a different university.
  • Incomings: Please refer to the application page where you will find the appropriate modality for university transfers (also “advanced semesters), listed by degree program.
  • Swapping place
    If you are not a beginning student (advanced semester), you will be accepted to admission-restricted courses of study in which a filling procedure is undertaken, if you swap your spot for a student enrolled at the University of Freiburg, both swapping partners are enrolled in the same course of study, have the same level of education, are in the same semester or clinical semester (medicine) and there are admission restrictions for transfer students at the partner university as well.
    If you have found a swapping partner, you can place a transfer application [de] for exchanging spots at the Registration Office. Further instructions will then follow in detail.

Please note that the University of Freiburg cannot mediate swapping partners.