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Type and Duration of Funding

Recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium receive 300 euros per month. The scholarship is awarded for the duration of one year.


Applying for an Extension after an Initial Year of Funding
Scholarships can be extended after one year. Scholarship holders who wish to reapply for funding must submit a complete application as for the first application due to legal requirements. In addition to the other documents, the current performance overview is submitted as proof of performance. 
Duration of Funding
The maximum funding period corresponds to the standard period of study of the respective subject. If the duration of studies is extended for serious reasons, such as a disability, pregnancy, the care and upbringing of a child or a subject-related stay abroad, the maximum funding period can be extended. A corresponding certificate from the dean of studies or the academic supervisor must be submitted with the application.
For students enrolled in the summer semester 2020, winter semester 2020/2021, summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/2022, an individual standard period of study that deviates from the standard period of study and is extended by one semester for each of these semesters applies. Confirmation of this extension of the standard period of study is not necessary and will automatically be taken into account by the selection committee.
Non-Material Support
In addition to the 300 euros in funding, the University of Freiburg also provides recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium non-material support. As a preparation for the job market, the university gives the students access to a network of contacts, enabling them to come into contact with various potential sponsors and employers. Even an unsuccessful application can pay off, since all applicants are included in an applicant pool to which sponsors are given access.
No Limits on Level of Income
All students may receive the Deutschlandstipendium, regardless of their level of income or that of their parents. In addition, recipients do not need to pay anything back upon completion of their studies.

Eligible Degree Programs
Students of all undergraduate degree programs (bachelor, state examination, magister, diplom) may apply for the Deutschlandstipendium. Also eligible are students pursuing a second degree, a master’s degree, or a degree in an evening/cooperative degree program. However, the scholarship is not intended for students pursuing a doctoral degree.

Academic Leave

It is not possible to receive the Deutschlandstipendium while on a leave of absence.
It is, however, possible to continue receiving the scholarship during a study abroad in which you are earning credit toward your degree in Freiburg. This is true of the ERASMUS program even if you are also receiving a mobility grant from the DAAD.

Holding Concurrent Scholarships

It is possible in many cases to receive another type of scholarship or financial aid concurrently with a Deutschlandstipendium.
The federal financial aid program BAföG, for instance, is considered as a complement to the Deutschlandstipendium, and students may take full advantage of both programs at the same time without a reduction in benefits.
The Deutschlandstipendium generally does not count against other social benefits, such as unemployment benefits. An exception to this rule is housing benefits.
It is not possible to make a general statement on the possibility of combining the Deutschlandstipendium with other scholarship programs. It is necessary to ask the funding organization on a case by case basis whether it is possible to hold concurrent scholarships. For more information, please consult the document on combining the Deutschlandstipendium with other scholarships.