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Scholarship Advising (Germany)


Don't be afraid to apply!


The University of Freiburg offers a scholarship advising service that provides you individual information on the many opportunities for financing your studies. Please be aware, that the University Freiburg itself does not offer full-funded scholarships like e.g. american universities.
Thanks to the wide range of scholarships now offered by various organizations and foundations, the chances for receiving a scholarship have increased greatly in recent years. The selection criteria vary widely depending on the scholarship. Good grades are often not the only criterion. Many organizations are also interested in other criteria, like social involvement, a particular field of study, membership in a certain religion, or affiliation with a certain country.

The scholarship advising for studies at the University of Freiburg provides information on the Deutschlandstipendium, ("Germany scholarship"), scholarships from the twelve organizations in Germany for the promotion of gifted persons, scholarships from companies, and others. We also provide advising on scholarships for specific groups, such as women, students with a migration background, or students with particular fields of study.

  • Who can take advantage of advising?
    The scholarship advising service is open to all students of the University of Freiburg looking for a scholarship to finance their studies in Freiburg.
  • What are the topics of the advising sessions?
    The advising sessions take into account the entire process of applying for a scholarship.
    • Initial and orientation advising
      • Overview of scholarship opportunities
      • Which scholarship suits me and meets my needs?
      • What are my chances?
    • Advising on applying for a scholarship
      • How do I write an effective motivational letter or curriculum vitae?
      • What’s the best way to prepare for other selection methods (tests, presentations, group discussions, etc.)?
  • How can I schedule an advising appointment?
    To arrange an advising appointment, please fill out our online appointment request form [de]

    Advising appointments are usually scheduled to last one hour. As a rule, appointments are arranged a maximum of three weeks in advance.