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Internships (6 weeks - 6 months)

This program is meant to support degree-seeking students studying at the University of Freiburg and doing unpaid and self-organized internships abroad, outside the European Union, for at least 6 weeks to at most 6 months in 2019.


Possible destinations:
You cannot apply for internships abroad that can be funded by ERASMUS +, i.e. in EU countries, EWR countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), in Turkey and Macedonia, as well as, depending on the current situation, in other EU accession countries. Furthermore, semesters in Switzerland cannot be funded by PROMOS, either. For further information on internships in the EU, please contact the university Hochschule in Karlsruhe, which organizes ERASMUS Placement.

Possible employers/institutions:
Internships in the following institutions cannot be funded by the DAAD-PROMOS scholarships:

  • German Foreign Service (embassies, consulates general)
  • International organizations (e.g. EU, UN),
  • German schools abroad*,
  • Goethe-Institutes
  • Institutes of the Max Weber Foundation (formerly DGIA)
  • German Archaeological Institutes Abroad (DAI)
  • Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (selected institutes in the field of foreign cultural and educational policy)

Internships in these institutions continue to be financed by the DAAD, directly. These scholarships are called ‘Kurzstipendien für Praktika im Ausland‘ and cannot be funded by PROMOS. Please contact DAAD, directly. Further information [de]

If you have received your internship through the exchange organizations IAESTE, AIESEC, bvmd or ZAD, you can not apply for a DAAD-PROMOS scholarship. In this case, please contact the DAAD directly for possible travel allowances.

* Internships at German schools abroad, called ‚Deutsche Auslandsschulen (DAS)‘, cannot be funded by PROMOS. However, internships in so called ‚Sprachdiplom- or DSD-Schulen‘ or in so called ‚FIT-Schulen’ can be funded by PROMOS. This regulation does not apply to teacher students who will do an internship at any school abroad. They should apply via the DAAD program “Lehramt.International". Here you can find information on the network of German schools abroad: Deutschen Auslandsschulen and the different types of schools. Please do not hesitate to write us an email in case of any doubts ().

Please note: The financial support and the application process are different, depending on how long the stay lasts: