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Application for the University of Freiburg Global Exchange



Application deadlines

for the University of Freiburg Global Exchange:

  • for winter term: April 1st
  • for summer term: November 1st

Forms/ application documents

for students of the University of Freiburg Global Exchange:

Here please find our Incoming-Application "University of Freiburg Global Exchange" [de/en] form. The form is filled in online.
Please mind the current application deadlines.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Baden- Württemberg Scholarship

Students from our partner universities, who are nominated to study at the University of Freiburg for one or two semesters as an exchange student via a university-wide exchange program or a faculty exchange program, can apply for a Baden-Württemberg Scholarship

Further information

Health insurance

Students in Germany are required to have health insurance. During the enrollment procedure, the International Office has to make sure that you have health insurance coverage. As a rule, students in Germany are subject to compulsory health insurance. We recommend that you apply for student health insurance from German public health insurance. This is the cheapest way to get the most security against health risks.

The International Office offers to have you insured with the AllgemeineOrtskrankenkasse (AOK) Freiburg. The cost of insurance at all public insurance agencies is the same for students. As soon as you have an account at a bank in Germany, the fees will be booked on a monthly basis from your account.
Anyone who is over 30 years of age or has been studying for more than 14 semesters during their period of study in Germany can maintain their statutory insurance, but at a higher rate.

Students from the EU and countries in the European Monetary Fund can be released from that obligation. Similar regulations apply if you already have sufficient international insurance. The International Office will help you to request the release.

Visa and residency permit

Once you have received your letter of acceptance, you can organize the formalities of your trip to Germany.

Whether you need a visa or a residency permit depends on what country you come from and how long you wish to stay in Germany. Further information is provided by the Federal Foreign Office and our "Welcome guide for International Students".

NOTE: Please do not enter Germany with a tourist visa or a Schengen visa for visiting or business purposes!


All exchange students get a room in the student dormitory, if requested in the Incoming-Application "University of Freiburg Global Exchange" [de/en] form. Students services "Studierendenwerk" will contact you in August (for winter term) or in January (for summer term) by email, to clarify the details. Please check your email inbox regularly. You will receive the contract during the arrival days in International Office. You will receive the keys to your room from the care taker of your student residence. Please note that rooms in the student dormitory are only rented for the whole semester or a whole year. (Winter semester: 1st October till 31st March/ summer semester: 1st April till 30th September)

You will find further possibilities to get a room in Freiburg in the Welcome-Guide for International Students under “Where can I find a place to live”.


Students of the University of Freiburg can use the public transport in the region for favorable conditions. The special ticket “SemesterTicket” is valid for the duration of the whole semester (Winter semester: 1st October till 31st March/ summer semester: 1st April till 30th September). With this ticket you can use Freiburg’s regional transport network (RVF) including buses, trams and local trains in Freiburg and the surrounding region. You will receive the SemesterTicket on the arrival day (if requested).

You will find all information about the SemesterTicket and the current price also on the sites of the Student Services (SWFR) here.

Even without the SemesterTicket, students can travel for free on buses, trams and trains with the RVF after 7:00 pm. However, this offer is not valid in the night buses.

Registration for preparatory language courses

The Language Teaching Centre of University of Freiburg (Sprachlehrinstitut or SLI) offers intensive language courses in German and English for international students during the holidays in March, August and September.

These courses are suitable for students of all subjects and encompass all language levels. The instruction amounts to 20 hours per week in the mornings from Monday to Friday. All courses offer a comprehensive language laboratory and seminar programme in the afternoons, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities.

Please note that a separate application is necessary and that a fee is required. The courses are booked out quickly, so please sign up early. If you have applied for a room in your application for admission, the International Office will provide you a room for your whole stay in Freiburg. So please do not book a room when registering for the SLI language course.

Further information and the application for the language courses offered by the Language Teaching Centre can be found here.