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Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship)


For the scholarship award year 2023/2024, you can apply here from 01.03.2023-31.03.2023. The application portal opens on 01.03.2023.
The current call for applications can be found here.

The University of Freiburg will award the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship), a national scholarship program, which provides 300 euros per month in funding for students who are expected to produce outstanding achievements in their studies and career. The university raises half of the sum for its students from private sponsors, and the federal government contributes the other half. Besides academic achievement, the selection process takes into account several other criteria, such as community service, previous vocational training, and success in overcoming unfavorable life circumstances.

As a scholarship holder, you don’t just receive financial support; you also enjoy the advantages of a network of companies and organizations that can be helpful for your future career.

This website contains all you need to know to apply for a Deutschlandstipendium as a student of the University of Freiburg: