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Call for Applications for Incoming students

We accept applications from students and doctoral candidates of our partner universities within the university-wide exchange program “Freiburg Global Exchange”, who wish to spend one or two semesters at Albert-Ludwigs-University (ALU) as exchange students (except students who take part in the Erasmus program or in departmental exchange programs or joint study programs; also not available for full-time students who want to study an entire degree in Freiburg). The call for applications for students from ALU who wish to study at a foreign partner university is announced separately.

Information about the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for University of Freiburg students, who want to study at an international partner university (Outgoings), can be found here.



Before Applying

After Applying

Start of the scholarship

Further Information



Application Regulations

The Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM is only available for exchange students within the program “Freiburg Global Exchange”. This means that only students who are studying at ALU for 1 or 2 semesters as exchange students, coming from one of the partner universities (via the International Office at ALU) to ALU, are eligible to apply. Erasmus students, students studying a joint study program, those who plan to study here via a departmental exchange program or as free movers (outside the mentioned exchange programs), or who are planning on completing a complete course of studies in Freiburg are not eligible to apply! In cases of doubt or questions please contact .
Please also note that the scholarship is only intended for regular study stays. Thus, all scholarship holders are obliged to study in Freiburg regularly and full-time. This means, that all scholarship holders (except from doctoral candidates who are doing research here) must earn at least 20 ECTS per semester in Freiburg and have to prove this by handing in a transcript of records after the end of the funding period.

Corona virus

Effects of the Corona virus: Scholarship holders can only be funded if they study online or in presence in Freiburg. If you study online in Freiburg from your home country, you cannot be funded. If you are granted a scholarship and are not able to come to Freiburg, please inform us immediately and withdraw from the scholarship.

Amount and Duration of Funding

Masters and bachelor students from our partner universities who are awarded the scholarship will receive 700 Euros per month; doctoral candidates will receive 900 Euros per month. The scholarship period depends on the lecture periods at ALU. As there is a special program line of the BW-Stipendium for certain countries called „regionale entwicklungspolitische Komponente (REK)“, master students from our partner universities in South Africa and Ghana can be funded with 900 € per month.

Application Procedure

Please apply to the International Office at your home university with the official application form.

Applications from incoming students are accepted only if they are forwarded by the International Office at your home university to the International Office of the University of Freiburg. Applications sent directly to the University of Freiburg will not be accepted.

1st step: So please hand in the completed application form to the International Office at your home university and ask them to send it to us by email, before the end of the deadline.
Please also remind your International Office of the fact, that they should send a ranking of their students together with the application forms, in case there are several applicants from your university.

2nd step: After submitting the completed and signed application form to the International Office at your home university, you must apply online. The online application can be found here.

If you have previously applied for a Baden-Württemberg scholarship at the University of Freiburg, please contact Ms. Obert first and let her know that you would like to reapply. You should not apply again with a new online profile, your online profile must first be activated for the reapplication then.

In addition to inserting your personal information, you must upload the following documents, exclusively in German or English language:

  • a letter of motivation
  • your resume
  • current transcript of records issued by your home university
  • language certificate (German or if all courses taken at ALU will be English-taught, English). You can use the form provided here or also other tests that include the categories oral interaction, reading and writing (such as e.g. the TOEFL or IELTS test or Test DaF). Please contact us by email if you have doubts whether your test will be accepted, or not.
    If you are only attending English-taught courses and English is your native language, please write a simple letter with your signature, stating that this is the case.
  • Additionally for PhD candidates: Letter of acceptance issued by the professor who will supervise the studies at the University of Freiburg, including the start and end date of your stay, the working language, and a handwritten signature of the supervisor in Freiburg. 

Please make sure that the online application is completed before submission and to SEND it, once completed and before the end of the deadline. You will receive an automatic email confirming your online application afterwards.
All information about the application procedure can also be found in the call for Applications for Incoming students.

For stays starting in the winter semester of the same year (i.e. winter semester or winter semester AND summer semester), the application must be complete (online and physical copies received by the International Office at the University of Freiburg) by March 31st. For stays starting in summer semester of the next year (Students starting their exchange semester in the summer semester should be nominated by their home university as soon as possible), all forms of application must be submitted by November 2nd.

Only complete applications received by the deadline will be considered.

Applicants will be notified by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung if they have been selected for the scholarship around the end of June of the same year of the application or by the end of December of the year before (for stays starting in the summer semester).

Departmental Exchange

Applications from students studying here in Freiburg via a departmental exchange program will be possible for specific departmental partnerships only. Before applying, please inquire with Ms. Obert whether this applies to your partnership by telling her, what your home university is, what you study and from when to when you want to study here as an exchange student:

Additional Information

You cannot receive any other scholarships that support living and studying in Freiburg in addition to the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM. However, you are allowed to receive additional scholarships for other purposes, e.g. for travel costs. In case of doubt or questions please contact

Contact person

Your contact person in the International Office at ALU is Ms. Obert. Please contact her by email:

The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung has given the operational control of the scholarship program to the individual universities. General information about the scholarship can be found on their website. Please direct all questions to the International Office of the University of Freiburg. All announcements, deadlines, and other information regarding the scholarship amount are determined by the University of Freiburg.