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ERASMUS foreign study process

Before the visit

  • Information: We recommend starting to find about the application process and deadlines for your subject one to one and a half years before your ERASMUS+ stay abroad.
  • Application: Your application should be made to the person responsible for Erasmus+ in your department.
  • Registration: After you have been selected by your department and nominated at the Erasmus Office, you will receive a link to register at our database Mobility-Online. The Mobility-Online platform will support you throughout your entire ERASMUS+ student mobility. You can upload all the necessary documents here and maintain an overview of subsequent stages.
  • Planning: You can read reports of previous ERASMUS+ students' experiences during office hours at Sedanstraße 6, 2nd floor, Room 02 024.
  • Documents: The documents that you have to submit to the Erasmus Office will either be sent to you, available in Mobility-Online or accessible via a link.
    Please submit two originals of the Grant Agreement to the Erasmus Office.
    Before starting your study visit, please upload the following documents to Mobility-Online: Registration Form, Learning Agreement Before Mobility, 1st OLS test.
  • N.B. Please find out in good time what deadlines apply at your host university.


During your stay

  • Documents: Please upload the following documents to Mobility-Online:
    Certificate of Arrival, Proof of enrolment at the host university (Academic Year 2020/21). If you have to make changes to your study program, please record them in your Learning Agreement During Mobility and upload them to Mobility-Online.


After your stay

  • Documents: Please upload the following documents to Mobility-Online:
    Confirmation of Stay (Academic Year 2019/20) or Certificate of Departure (Academic Year 2020/21), Transcript of Records (OR Learning Agreement After Mobility), 2nd OLS test (only applicaple until Academic Year 2019/20), EU Survey, Report of Experiences.
  • Recognition: Recognition of work done abroad is handled by the relevant examination office and is independent of the Erasmus Office. Please find out in good time what documents you need for recognition.