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International Stammtisch

The International Stammtisch takes place 1-2 times a month. We have prepared exciting topics and games so that it will be easy for you to get to know each other. We speak English - you are welcome to exchange ideas in German or other languages. Let's spend great evenings together! Best of all: We invite you and pay for the first drink!

Meeting point will be published as soon as you have registered:

You can take part in one or more evenings. Please let us know which date/dates you like to join.


  • 29.06.2022, 20:00-22:00
    All about traveling
    What is your most treasured travel memory? Was there a time where your plans didn't work out? Where would you like to travel to next? At this Stammtisch we'll meet up and talk about our travel adventures, bucket list countries and activities and much more.
  • 13.07.2022, 20:00-22:00
    Ethnic Dinner, Throwback to Childhood
    Have you ever thought specifically about how you grew up? What are the particularities or characteristics of your cultural background, e.g. which traditions/holidays do you celebrate, which languages do you speak and which food do you particularly like? During the "Ethnic Dinner" we want to get to know you more, the way you grew up and which factors have influenced or shaped you.



  • 27.04.2022, 19:00-21:00
    Kick-Off with „Speed-Friending"


    At our first International Stammtisch about 20 international students from all over the world and from different fields of study gathered together in a Freiburg restaurant. Divided into small groups, everyone rotated clockwise around the long table in order to keep making new acquaintances. The speed friending was supported by some prompts so that it was easy to quickly interact and communicate with others!

  • 20.05.2022, 19:00-21:00
    Freiburg – tips and tricks
    zweiter stammtisch web

    zweiter stammtisch mindmap webWhere do we like to do sports? Who has already taken a day trip to Switzerland, France or the Black Forest? Which restaurant do we prefer to go to? And where is a good café? What tips do others have and what else would we like to do around Freiburg and in the city? We discussed all of this intensively on Friday, passed on our own tips but also received many new suggestions and ideas.

  • 15.06.2022, 19:00-21:00
    German language 

    For this international Stammtisch we decided to plan a little trivia night with different categories. We learned a lot about different dialects, tongue twisters and German sayings. We also tried pronouncing difficult German words, amongst other things the longest German word since 1996 in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • 29.06.2022, 20:00-22:00
    All about traveling

    Our third International Stammtisch took place with nice weather and cool drinks. We talked about our previous travel experiences and adventurous activities like bungee jumping and roller coasters. We told each other where we would like to travel in the future and which countries are on our bucket list. It was a fun evening being out.
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