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Workshop: Application Training for Career Entry (online)

Free offer for international (non-EU) students who want to prepare for the transition from studies to job


tuesdays 8:00 pm:






Trainer: Christian Bernhardt

Communication psychologist (FH)
Body language & personality trainer


What can you expect in this workshop?

  • Pre-Talk: Get to know the trainer in a pre-talk and tell him your individual wishes, expectations and challenges
  • MiroBoard: Interactive board that accompanies the workshop series. Individual questions can be asked on the board at any time, which are then answered by the trainer. It also provides additional information on the topics of careers, the German job market, salaries, digital applications and many other application topics
  • Live chat with HR professionals: Question and answer session with executives and recruiters from the field
  • Individual resume check: tips and tricks to optimize your resume
  • 4 online sessions: Each session includes a video with introductory input on the main topic and a transfer task to prepare for the 90-minute online seminar:


1st session: application basics, optimizing application documents (resume, cover letter, video application)

  • How do I create attractive application documents and a convincing resume?
  • What do I need to consider in the cover letter to increase my chances of being invited for an interview?


2nd session: Accessing the hidden job market

  • Studies show that 2/3 of all jobs are never published - how do I gain access to the hidden job market? How can I increase the number of interviews I'm invited to join? How do I find the right company?
  • What to consider when using Xing, LinkedIn and other networking platforms?


3rd session: Psychology in the job interview

  • How do I prepare for the interview, what questions should I expect?
  • If you know the key variables of the psychological side of the application process, you will keep your nervousness under control - how do I manage a professional appearance in the job interview?


4th session: Body language in the job interview

  • Body language influences 80% of the decision in a job interview - what do I have to pay attention to in order to significantly increase my success rate in the interview?
  • How does non-verbal communication work?


Why should you attend the workshop?

  • You will receive individual feedback on your resume
  • You will be able to create meaningful application documents, so that you can show your future employer you are the right person for the job
  • You will receive support in your job search
  • You will be prepared for the job interview and receive tips on how to present yourself in the best possible way
  • You will exchange ideas with other students from the same country of origin and/or with the same field of study (if possible) and learn from the experiences of others
  • You will receive a certificate after successful participation in the workshop (at least 70% attendance), which you can enclose with future applications 
  • And most importantly: You will be supported on your way into the job around the topics of the application and learn to understand what is important in the application process and what expectations HR professionals have!

What requirements should you bring with you?

  • Personal: The focus of the workshop is on the optimization of your individual topics around application and career, so it is important that you are motivated and committed. You should be willing to exchange ideas with others.
  • Time: Please plan the dates firmly and participate in all 4 sessions. Please let us know in advance if you cannot attend a session for a valid reason. Prerequisite for the certificate: 70% participation in the workshop.
  • Technical: Please turn on the camera to create a friendly, open and respectful space. Please mute the microphone at the beginning until the host invites you to turn it on.

Where can you sign in?

  • Please register directly by e-mail
  • Your registration is binding and must be sent to us no later than 19.04.2024.
  • Please note: The course will only take place if the minimum number of participants of 25 students is reached. The maximum number of participants is 50. Confirmation of participation is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • If you have to cancel the course, this is only possible until 26.04.2024. If you are absent without an excuseyou will be excluded from our offers in the following semester. So you won’t be able to take part in the free language courses and further additional offers for international students.

Summer semester 2022
„Thank you so much for the excellent workshop. It was interactive, interesting, and provided us with all the tools we need for successful job applications. My expectations were definitely met!" „I really liked the workshop, all the activities were well planned and I also consider all the content quite relevant for us as students about to graduate. I also like that we can revisit the miro board later so that we can always have the information available and we can keep working on our application skills." „It is really a great workshop, with a lot of information and great tips that you as a foreigner are not aware. The videos are great and the activities we made are really good practice for the real thing. Thanks a lot." „I felt that the workshop was quite helpful and Christian is a great and dedicated trainer. I didn't know that there were so many resources to help me find a job in Germany and I think Christian did a great job bringing these resources to the table."

Winter semester 2021/2022
„It has been the best workshop that I have had and I appreciate the great effort in all senses of the teacher... I learned a lot and I value all the tips. This workshop should be taken by everyone! It is essential for any student!" „It was a really helpful workshop because we were taught very intricate details of how the job application process works in Germany and some very helpful tips which will surely help in getting our desired jobs. The material used in the course is very up to date and some really helpful resources that can make a huge difference to your application process." „The workshop gave me an in-depth understanding into the various aspects of application processes. I found it really helpful in terms of helping me improve my chances in my further job applications and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is in the job application phase now or would face it in the future." „At the end of the course, I had some positive re-affirmations on what to do and not to in my job search. Participating in the course gave me more confidence for job interviews. The best part was the resources made available to us and to get a go to place for all our questions."