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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find any answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.


Application documents:

Do I have to write my application in German?

No, you can hand in all documents in German or English. This makes no difference at all.

Do I have to hand in a language test in any case or are there exceptions, e.g. if I am a native speaker?

Yes, even if you are a native speaker, you studied an English degree program before, or you learned English at school, you still have to hand in a language test. We need a test with results in the four categories of listening and reading comprehension as well as reading and writing skills.

Which language tests are accepted?

Language test on DAAD form (2015) can be downloaded and can also be used by non-German applicants. The test can be conducted by the Sprachlehrinstitut
All pages of the SLI form must be stamped or signed by the examiner.

Accepted alternatives for English-speaking countries: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic or UCLES tests.

For Spanish-speaking countries: results of the DELE test, if you can provide us with valid login data.

Chinese: HSK, please note that you have to submit the additional page regarding your oral exam.

Other language tests: They must include the four categories of listening and reading comprehension as well as spoken and written language. In case you want to hand in another language test, please send us a scan of it by email, so that we can check whether it can be accepted.

Language certificates must not be older than two years!

Which aspects should I consider when writing my CV?

  • Please issue a complete tabular curriculum that is clearly structured and contains your course of study, your personal suitability, work and intercultural experience (formations, jobs, internships, stays abroad etc.) and extracurricular activities (voluntary work, work in associations, student initiatives, awards and so on).
  • Please distinguish between paid and voluntary work. Please indicate the starting and end date of each aspect and describe what you did there (e.g. not ‘stay abroad in the countries X, Y and Z, but indicate what you did there and from when to when).Please only mention aspects in your CV that you can prove. We make spot checks after submission, so you do not have to hand in proofs for the experience you indicate in your CV when applying, but should be able to do so within 4 weeks, in case your application is part of the spot check.
  • Please also include your nationality, as stays in countries of your nationality or in countries where you lived during the past five years, cannot be funded.
  • Please include your name on every page.
  • suitable line spacing, font size 11
  • Please do not exceed the maximum number of 2 pages.

What should I mention in the letter of motivation?

Please explain the first two aspects in detail and also the other aspects mentioned below:

  • Contents and goals of your stay abroad
  • Why is it important for you studies, what does it have to do with aspects you learned during your studies or you will learn in the future?
  • Reasons why you chose the employer, university or supervisor abroad and the destination
  • How and why is it important for your future career?
  • Personal suitability
  • What you did in preparation of the stay
  • Reasons why you are applying for a DAAD scholarship
  • Please include your name and a page number on every page.
  • 1.5 line spacing, font size 11
  • Please do not exceed the maximum number of 2.5 pages.

Are there any regulations concerning the letter of recommendation?

  • Please use the downloadable form. You should complete the page containing information on you and your stay abroad. Your professor should only complete the last page. He or she should not write an individual letter.
  • The letter of recommendation can be issued by a professor or a teacher with a PhD at the University of Freiburg or at another university you graduated from before (e.g. where you earned your bachelor`s degree).
  • Please hand in the letter of recommendation in a sealed envelope when handing in your application or ask your professor/teacher to send it directly to the International Office in the Service Center Studium, Sedanstr. 6 (not to the International Office in the rectorate at Fahnenbergplatz!)

What should I keep in mind with regard to the form of the application documents, in general?

Apart from the contents of your application, the form of your documents also plays an important role, your application documents are sort of your "business card". Thus, please consider the following aspects:

Please hand in double-sided pages for the sake of the environment and make sure that they are in the order shown on the respective checklist and check whether you are expected to hand them in in duplicate or as single copies.

Please check your spelling and re-read your documents, before handing them in.

Please only hand in documents that are in good condition.

Please do not hand in any original documents if you might need them again, afterwards. Single copies usually are sufficient.

Please arrange enough time to prepare your application and the required documents. In addition, please do not exceed the maximum number of pages for the letter of motivation, CV and - if applicable – exposé (see checklist; 1.5 line spacing, font size 11).

What should I keep in mind regarding the dates of the funding period in the online application form?

Please fill in the corresponding dates of your project (internship, thesis abroad, and semester abroad) rather than the dates of your departure/arrival date. We are interested in the amount of time you are working, not the time of your stay abroad.
The dates in your application form (funding period) are fixed and have to correspond to the confirmation which you have to submit to the international office after your stay.
Please inform us without delay in case of any changes via E-Mail.

Your project abroad should be part of your studies. Thus it is necessary that your estimated date of graduation which you have to fill in in the application form is later than your funding period.

Why is it necessary that the confirmation of the institution abroad contains specific information about the working language?

It might be possible that your host institution uses a different working language than the official language in the country.

Which documents can be handed in after the end of the deadline?

There are only two expections

  • Letter of recommendation: within two weeks after the end of the respective deadline (please ask your professor to complete the letter of recommendation for you before the end of the deadline, though). Please provide us with the name of the respecitve professor.
  • Certificate of enrollment for the next semester(s) via email, if the period of re-registration has not yet been opened.

All other documents must be hand in until the deadline. Incomplete or delayed applications will be declined due to formal reasons.


Why can we only apply for stays outside the European Union, even though there are also European countries in the DAAD-PROMOS list?

Stays in the European Union cannot be supported, because they can be funded by ERASMUS or by ERASMUS Placement. If you want to study or do an internship within Europe, please contact the EU-Office!

Regulations for Medical and pharmacy students:

I am a medical student and want to do my PJ (practical year) overseas. Can I also apply for a DAAD PROMOS scholarship?

Yes, please apply within the program line ‚internships abroad‘.

I am a medical student and want do research for my final thesis, called ‘Doktorarbeit’, overseas. Can I also apply for a DAAD PROMOS scholarship?

Yes, since you are still a regular student and not a PhD student, you can apply regularly within the program line ‚theses abroad‘.

Which transcripts and degrees do I have to hand in as a medical or pharmacy student?

Please hand in the transcripts of your basic and your main studies and as the latest degree the first. If available, the second 'Abschnitt der ärztlichen bzw. pharmazeutischen Prüfung' in addition.

Financial aspects

Amount of financial support

The type and amount of financial support depends on the length of the stay and the destination:

  • Up to 10 weeks (9 weeks and 6 days): travel-cost allowance
  • 10 weeks or longer: travel-cost allowance and monthly scholarship rate

The amounts for each country can be found in the DAAD-PROMOS list.
In addition, as a scholarship holder you can also take out a cheap insurance with DAAD.

In addition to travel and living costs, I will also have to pay tuition fees abroad. Can they be paid by DAAD, as well?

No, tuition fees cannot be funded.

In case I am awarded a scholarship, will I automatically be insured with DAAD?

No, as a scholarship holder, you have the OPTION to take out this insurance You will be informed about this possibility by email, in case and once you are awarded the scholarship.

Combination regulations:

Can I get several PROMOS scholarships?

Yes, in case the maximum period of six months within one degree program does not exceeded in total, you could receive several scholarships. Example: 1 scholarship for studies abroad for four months and 1 scholarship for an internship for two months.

Can I also receive more than one scholarship for the same project?

The PROMOS scholarships can be combined with Auslands-BAFöG, as well as with most domestic financial aid programs (e.g. Deutschlandstipendium). However, it cannot be combined with scholarship funds bestowed for specific support of stays abroad. Applications for other scholarships for your stay abroad have to be noted in your application. It is your responsibility to inform the International Office of the success or failure of those other scholarship applications, as soon as you receive them. Should two scholarship applications be met with success, you will have to choose one.

Which regulations do apply, in case there is a travel warning issued by the Foreign Office for my destination?

Please note, that you cannot be funded if there is a travel warning for your destination.

If the travel warning is issued by the Federal Office before your departure:
No funding possible. You would be allowed to start your trip regardless, as this is up to your discretion - even though we strongly advise against it. However, you could not receive the scholarship if a travel warning is issued before the start of your scholarship period. This applies even if you had been awarded the scholarship before. In case you already received some scholarship money before, you would have to retransfer the entire money (travel grant and monthly scholarship rates), even if you already booked your flights. Thus, we strongly recommend taking out a travel cancellation insurance!

If the travel warning is issued by the Federal Office during your stay abroad:
if the travel warning is issued after the beginning of your stay abroad, you do not have to retransfer the money that you already received. However, you should (but the decision is still up to you) leave the country. If you stay, all coming months cannot be funded anymore. This only applies to the monthly scholarship rates and not to the travel grant.
If you already started your stay abroad (scholarship period is crucial here) and the travel warning is issued after the beginning of your scholarship period, you would not have to retransfer the travel grant.

In case of partial travel warnings, the crucial factor is where you spend your stay abroad. The above mentioned regulations only apply to you, if you are in a region the partial travel warning was issued for.

On behalf of the DAAD, we also want to point out that you should register on the pages of the German Federal Office ("elefand"), in case you go to a destination with a critical security situation. Please keep up with the security situation in your host country and inform us immediately, in case there is a security warning.

General questions:

Are my documents completely checked when handing them in?

Due to the large number of applications, the documents will only be checked for completeness and they will not be checked formally, before the end of the deadline.

What are my chances?

Unfortunately, we can never tell this in advance. It depends on the quality of your application, the amount of applications and the quality of the other applications, the annual budget, and the costs of the stays that were granted a scholarship. However, we suggest all interested students to apply. Considering the potential benefit, it is worth a try.

When will I be informed about the results of the selection process?

Usually, the International Office sends the respective emails two to three months after the end of the deadline.

What do I have to do in case I am awarded a scholarship?

  • Scholarship contract: Please note, that in case you are awarded a scholarship, you are supposed to hand in the completed and signed original version of your scholarship contract within 10 days to the International Office. In case you are already abroad, you can first send us a scan of it to keep the deadline and then send us the original by post, even though this might take longer then. Thus, please make sure to check your emails every week and to be able to send us the contract from abroad as well.
  • During your stay abroad: You must inform us about any changes concerning your stay abroad, immediately!
  • After the end of your stay abroad: You are supposed to send us a report and an official confirmation stating that you successfully completed your project, within 4 weeks after the end of your stay. (Internship: Confirmation issued by your employer stating that you successfully completed the internship in the indicated scholarship period; Semesters abroad: Transcript of records of the host university; Theses abroad: Confirmation issued by your supervisor abroad stating that you successfully worked on your thesis in the indicated scholarship period. If you do not have any supervisor abroad, confirmation issued by your supervisor at ALU stating that you successfully worked on your thesis in the indicated scholarship period, plus your flight tickets, which additionally confirm the dates of your stay abroad. In addition, we will provide you with a guideline on how to write the experience report.

In case I am awarded a scholarship, when do I receive the money?

The payment of your scholarship will take quite a while, since there are many administrational processes. In case of questions concerning your payment(s), please contact Ms. Scheidler

Is there any move-up procedure?

Yes, in case other applicants who were awarded a scholarship withdraw from it (e.g. due to personal reasons, other scholarships or a travel warning), there will be a move-up procedure. In this case, we inform the contemplable students by email (order according to the selection committee´s ranking). This could also still be the case when you are abroad, already. Thus, please always inform us immediately, as soon as you receive a positive or a negative answer from other scholarship organizations you applied to, even if you already received a negative answer from us. This way, the procedure can be accelerated for all applications.

Do I receive any official scholarship certificate?

In addition to the letter of award issued by the International Office, all scholarship holders receive an official scholarship certificate that is signed by ALU´s rector. However, it cannot be issued and sent to you before the end the respective year.

Tuition fees for international students will be waived if they take a leave of absence – Do I still receive vouchers?

If you do not pay tuition fees, you will not receive further vouchers. However, you can make use of the vouchers you have not used so far and which do not lose their validity. Please send an email to to check how many vouchers you currently have available. Each voucher allows you to take part in a course with approximately two hours per week during the semester (e.g. 90min course per week during the lecture period). Complex courses may require the use of several vouchers. A cash payout is not possible!


With the vouchers you can attend language courses, offers for intercultural and academic integration and application training for career entry. More information about the courses that are offered