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Dear students,

During the corona pandemic, operations in the Student Service Center continue. However, we must continue to avoid direct contact. Therefore, the building is closed to the public until further notice. We are available for initial inquiries by email ( and will be happy to arrange telephone consultation appointments (Hotline + 49 (0)761 - 203 4246).

If you are interested in a stay abroad please contact us:

Further information and contact details can be found on our website.
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Outgoing Students from Freiburg


Head off to study in Karlsruhe, Basel, Strasbourg, or Mulhouse/Colmar!

All University of Freiburg students are eligible to participate in the Eucor mobility program, as are Erasmus and exchange students matriculated in Freiburg.

In the following, we provide you with a road map offering a detailed overview of the organization of your Eucor Student Mobility.

The checklist for outgoing students summarizes all important steps on the way to your Eucor Student Mobility.


What courses are offered?

The courses are listed in the course catalogs on the websites of the host universities.
(Note on the course catalogs in Strasbourg and Mulhouse/Colmar: The complete course offerings are not always published on the university website ("guide pédagogique"). A full list of courses to be offered in the upcoming semester is posted on a bulletin board at the academic department no later than a week before the beginning of classes. It's thus advisable to pay an informal trip to the host university beforehand.)

Course Catalogs




When does the semester begin at the host universities?

The teaching periods in Karlsruhe, Switzerland, and France differ from those in Freiburg:

Course Catalogs


  • The winter semester begins in mid-October and ends in mid-February.
  • The summer semester runs from mid-April to late July.


  • The fall semester begins in mid-September and ends in late December.
  • The spring semester runs from mid-February to late May.


  • The "1° semestre" begins in early September and ends in late December. The exact dates may differ from faculty to faculty.
  • The "2° semestre" runs from late January to mid-May.


What do I need to do before, during, and after the semester?
A Eucor Student Mobility requires coordination between the University of Freiburg and the host university – before, during, and after the semester.

Before the beginning of the semester in Freiburg

  • Select a course at your host university!
    (Eucor – The European Campus recommends that you take one course per semester and reimburses you for one round-trip ticket to the host university per week. However, you are also welcome to take several courses or complete an entire Eucor semester at the host university.)
  • With regard to the recognition of coursework completed at the host university, please contact your departmental advisor or examination office in Freiburg before the course starts to determine whether the work will count toward your degree and whether the planned amount of ECTS credits is suitable. Contact your departmental advisor particularly in the case of discrepancies.
    (Exception for economics in Basel: Graded assessment completed by economics students in Basel is transferred directly to Freiburg and recognized within the context of the compulsory elective modules.)
  • Clarify your enrollment in the course with the lecturer from the host university. You might also need to arrange a special agreement on the recognition of your coursework with the teacher.
  • Fill out the Eucor Learning Agreement (everything relating to you and the Uni Freiburg)!
    You can download the Eucor Learning Agreement here.
  • You will need the Eucor Learning Agreement with the performance record to justify that you attended the course, to have your coursework recognized in Freiburg, and to apply for a travel allowance.
  • Apply for a travel allowance!
    To do so, you need to fill out two forms: an application form and a statement of expenses.
    You must submit the completed application form to Ms. Scheidler at the International Office of the University of Freiburg (on Fahnenbergplatz) by 31 October for the winter semester or by 30 April for the summer semester.
    You must attach your train, bus, and tram tickets to the statement of expenses in chronological order.

    Travel Allowance
    • You may only be reimbursed for one round-trip ticket per week to a regularly attended course (even if you attend several courses per week). The same basis of calculation applies to compact courses (one round-trip ticket for each week of the semester).
    • A maximum total of €10 may be reimbursed for a round-trip ticket to Basel.
    • A maximum total of €25 may be reimbursed for a round-trip ticket to Karlsruhe, Mulhouse, or Strasbourg.
    • The cost of Semester Tickets and Bahncards as well as car trips cannot be reimbursed!

      All information on travel allowances may also be downloaded.

Before the beginning of the semester at the host university

Complete your Learning Agreement at the host university

Register at the host university!



  • Register at the Student Administration Office before the registration deadline (Kollegienhaus, ground floor, Petersplatz 1). Make sure to take your Unicard and a certificate of matriculation as well as the completed initial registration form and the course registration certificate from the University of Basel.
    All information on registration at the University of Basel


  • Register at the department and then at the administration office of the department. Make sure to take your Unicard and a certificate of matriculation with you. As a rule, the first place to go if you have a question or problem is the “Relations Internationales” service.
    All information (in French)

During the semester

Enjoy your Eucor semester!
No further organizational steps are necessary until the end of the semester at the host university.

At the end of the semester

  • Submit the completed Learning Agreement, along with a record of Performance, to your department in Freiburg.
  • Travel allowance: submit your statement of expenses!

For the further processing of your travel allowance, you need to submit the following documents to Ms. Scheidler at the International Office of the University of Freiburg after the end of the semester:

    • the completed statement of expenses
    • a copy of the completed and Learning Agreement with the proof of performance
    • the original copies of your train, bus, or tram tickets pasted on sheets of blank paper and numbered chronologically

      Upon inspection of all of your documents, your travel allowance will be transferred to the account specified on the application. You will receive a notification of approval.
  • Let interested students know about your experience!
    Provide a brief account of your experience on the report form. You can send the form by to Ms. Scheidler at the International Office or include a printed copy of it with the statement of expenses for your travel allowance.

    Ms. Luitgard Scheidler:

    Mailing address:
    University of Freiburg
    International Office
    Ms. Luitgard Scheidler
    79085 Freiburg

  • Did you enjoy your Eucor Student Mobility in Karlsruhe, Switzerland, or France? Would you like to extend it to more than one semester? Make a note of the beginning of the next semester on your calendar!

Who should I contact for more information?

  • For questions involving plans to take Eucor courses, please contact the degree program coordinator at your faculty and possibly also your examination office in Freiburg, as well as the lecturer of the course at the host university.
  • For questions on travel costs, please contact Ms.

What documents do I need to download?


Submit the completed Learning Agreement, along with a record of Performance, to your department in Freiburg.