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Outgoing Students from Freiburg


You are studying at the University of Freiburg – even as an exchange student – and would like to take courses at one of the other four member universities of Eucor – The European Campus.

The first step is to find out about the courses offered by the university(ies) you are interested in and to identify the courses that interest you. Please use the course catalogue of the respective university for this purpose. Below you will find links to the course catalogues, but also tutorials that explain how to find what you are looking for.

--> Be sure to check whether you can attend classes and take exams. At the universities of Strasbourg and Haute-Alsace, the “1er semestre” runs from the beginning of September to the end of December and the “2nd semestre” from the end of January to mid-May. In Basel, the “Herbstsemester” begins in mid-September and ends at the end of December while the “Frühjahrssemester” runs from mid-February to the end of May.

Once you have selected your courses, the second step is to check whether you are allowed to take them. Some courses are subject to restrictions on the number of participants or special admission requirements. Please get in touch with the contact person for incoming students at the respective faculty (see list of contact persons at KIT and in Strasbourg, at UHA: or in Basel with the academic programme coordinator of the respective programme to make sure that you can attend.


If you want to have your ECTS credits acquired at the host university recognised in Freiburg, the third step is to talk with your faculty in Freiburg (see list of departmental coordinators) before the start of the course to find out whether the planned credits will be recognised as part of your degree programme and whether the planned number of ECTS credits is suitable. Especially if there are any discrepancies, please contact your faculty. Fill out the Learning Agreement and have it signed. This document settles the question of the recognition of your credits transparently for all parties involved.

For students of the University of Freiburg, the Learning Agreement must be completed in the online portal Mobility-Online. First create your user account; afterwards you will be guided through the different steps. Please note that you also have to apply for the travel allowance via Mobility-Online (see below).


The fourth step is enrolment at the host university. Follow the instructions of the respective university:


Finally, the fifth step is to have your ECTS credits recognised. To do this, please pick up your transcript of records at the end of the semester or download it from the respective campus management system and submit it to your department in Freiburg.

--> Exception for economics in Basel: Graded assessments completed by economics students in Basel are transferred directly to Freiburg and recognised within the context of the compulsory elective modules.


Travel allowance

The travel allowance must be applied for in the online portal Mobility-Online.

At the University of Freiburg, up to two round trips per week to regularly attended courses can be reimbursed during the semester (even if you attend courses three or more days a week). For block courses, the same calculation basis applies (two round trips for every week of the semester). Train, bus and tram tickets can be reimbursed. Semester tickets, railcards and car journeys, on the other hand, cannot be reimbursed.

For the outward and return journey to Karlsruhe, Mulhouse and Strasbourg, a maximum of 25€ will be reimbursed in total. To Basel, a maximum of 20€.

Please note that the settlement will be calculated after the semester based on your statement of expenses. The form can be downloaded here. Train, bus and tram tickets must be attached to the settlement form in chronological order.

So make sure you keep your tickets!


You have questions? We are happy to assist you at .

Do you need an overview of these steps in a compact document? Download the Checklist for Outgoings.

Would you like to brush up or deepen your French before you cross the border? It might be worth taking a look at the offer of the Sprachlehrinstitut. Employees of the University of Freiburg can also take advantage of the continuing education programme. The Centre Culturel Français Freiburg also offers French courses in various formats, including intensive courses over a week and even tailor-made discussion courses.