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Issuing of course certificates/Transcripts

At the end of the semester the teachers verify your participation for each class. Your participation is either graded or not graded and just confirms regular attendance of a course. If your home university needs a certified transcript of records of all your achievements this can be issued on request, however.

Therefore, please keep in mind your own responsibility for issuing a transcript of records. Get in touch with us early enough before departure!


a) Erasmus students, please contact your Erasmus-coordinator in the corresponding subject area.

b) Participants in an international study program (AYF, CYF, UMass, IES, Colgate), please see your resident director.

c) All other exchange students (“University of Freiburg Global Exchange”) please contact the International Office before departure and note the following guidelines:

How can I get a transcript (University of Freiburg Global Exchange)?
You can find your transcript of records at HISinOne under 'My Studies' and 'My achievements'. Under 'Reports' you can export your transcript of records in different versions. Print your transcript of records and get it certified by our program coordinator.

Please note that transcripts of records are offered in HISinOne only for studies whose examination administration is managed in HISinOne.

If the examination administration of your studies is not managed in HISinOne, you receive documents issued by the teachers- these are called “Scheine”. Collect all “Scheine” from your teachers. Then fill out the transcript form – which can be downloaded as [PDF]. Print it out and come to the International Office before departure and show the form and all referring “Scheine”. Your transcript will be certified immediately.

What should I do if I have to wait for a “Schein” to be issued?
If you do not have all “Scheine”, you can still list the classes on your transcript. In this case, please write “pending” in the column “Note/Grade”. In most cases, it is sufficient to provide this transcript with the later arriving “Scheine” to your home university.

If you nevertheless require an updated/a complete transcript - especially after having left Freiburg -, please make sure that all missing “Scheine” will be sent by the faculty/institute to your home (email) address. Then email your completed transcript form together with a scanned copy of all “Scheine” to the International Office ( which will confirm and send back the transcript to you or your home university. Please provide an appropriate address especially in the latter case.


Students who do not want to continue studying at the university of Freiburg, have to apply for exmatriculation. The form which is required is available at the Studentensekretariat and can be downloaded here. After that you are no student of the university anymore.

Together with the exmatriculation form you have to hand in a release stamp form the University Library (on the form) and your UniCard. As a rule, exmatriculation goes into effect at the end of the semester.

The student will receive a de-registration certificate. If a student again wants to enrol at a German university the de-registration certificate is a pre-requisite. For this reason, we strongly recommend that students duly carry out the exmatriculation.

Students who do not carry out the exmatriculation as requested and do not re-register as a student within the period of time stipulated by the university will nevertheless be officially exmatriculated. In this case they will not receive a de-registration certificate which is necessary for subsequent enrollment at a German university. They will then need to contact the university once again in order to obtain the de-registration certificate. This can be avoided by duly completing the exmatriculation when leaing the University of Freiburg.

Notice of departure at administrative offices

Please make sure, when you are leaving Freiburg that you announce your departure at the Residence Registration Office, cancel your health insurance policy (and give back your health insurance card) and close your bank account.


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